Alastair Campbell belittles Boris Johnson while he praised the EU.

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Alastair Campbell cause a prompt reaction on Twitter after he praised the EU and belittled Boris Johnson’s handling of negotiations.

The Former Chief of staff under Tony Blair decided to take a swipe at the UK Prime Minister after negotiations started to head for a no deal.

Mr Campbell who is a big supporter of the EU decided to praise the super state for its “good grace” in negotiations, yet decided to label Boris Johnson’s handling as incompetent.

Alastair’s tweet read: “The good grace, patience and professionalism which the EU team especially.

Ursula von der Leyen and Michel Barnier have shown in the face of the lies, gaslighting and incompetence of the Boris Johnson team has been very striking.”

The response from Alastairs tweet backfired, as a wave of support for Boris Johnson was written in the comments.

One person wrote: “Good grace and professionalism from the EU?

“They are demonstrating everything that is wrong with it!

“Thinking they can bully us in to their ways!

“The EU is a joke! Good on Boris Johnson for standing up to them and not being pushed about or bullied!”