EU heads lose patience with French President Macrons interference in negotiations.

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With French President Macron throwing his weight around in the negotiations, different heads of EU nations have started to lose their patience with French Presidents interference.

With time quickly running out, both sides have said they are working towards a deal. Still, the spanner thrown into negotiations on fisheries by the French is holding up negotiations.

From the start, the French have been against Britain taking back control of its territorial waters. Macron is now actively pushing for Barnier to walk away from the table if a deal isn’t found by the end of the week.

This stance hasn’t gone down well with other EU nations who are desperate for a deal to be struck. German chancellor, Angela Merkel has refused to back Macrons hardline stance.

Merkel knows if no deal happened, Germany’s economy would take a far bigger hit than the French. French Europe Minister, Clement Beaune told Journal du Dimanche: “There are different sensitivities across the 27 EU countries.

“It would be naive to deny it.
“But the negotiating mandate is detailed, and we are sticking to it.

“As for Chancellor Merkel, she wants a deal, but she also defends our demands – and she knows the European market well enough to guess how the German economy would suffer from a bad deal. 
“In short, the British gamble on trying to divide the EU has failed.”


Beaune continues: “The British want access to the single European market without constraints for their social, environmental or health standards, which is unacceptable. 
“For our part, we are ready to put in place a system in which a divergence of standards would be allowed but beyond which corrective measures would be taken.

“The British tell us that this is unfair because other ‘third countries’ do not have these same constraints, such as Canada. 
“But we have to realise that the UK will be our major trading partner outside the EU. 
“There is ten times as much trade between the EU and the UK than with Canada.”

For months, the EU have tried to force an unbalanced deal on to Britain. The level playing field would see the EU having the upper hand on Britains future direction post-transition period. Britan continues to refuse these demands saying they do not respect Britain as an independent sovereign coastal nation state.

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Why have we got to ones making all the compromises, we have left the EU .Everything they want us to compromise is ours already. We do not need their Market , Level playing field or laws and Governance. We just need to stick to our guns , stay strong It will be hard at first but we will iron out any creases and end up flourishing as a Country standing on its own two feet