George Eustice labels EU’s offer to return 18 percent of fish quota, in return for open access into Britains waters as “LUDICROUS”.

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Mr Eustice labelled the EU’s offer as ludicrous after Brussels said it would return 18 percent of the current EU fishing quota to keep access open into UK waters.

Sophy Ridge this morning asked George Eustice MP: “Is it right to say the EU are saying that they will return 18 percent of what they have at the minute.”

Mr Eustice confirmed that the EU had offered to give the UK 18% of the current EU quotas on fish caught in British waters. He also said it’s not possible to accept such a bad offer that breaks international law, and which no country in the world would accept.

Eustice said: “Yes, the EU have suggested a very modest increase that they would tolerate the UK having of the fish in its own Waters, but given that we only have half of the fish in our Waters now that’s simply wouldn’t be possible.”

“There’s also the more important principle that you would not be able to give any guarantees for the long term. Otherwise, you’re effectively giving Guaranteed access in perpetuity to our Waters under which is just not right under international law. ”

If we were to accept this offer, It would make Britain “the only country in the entire world that could agree” to the rules.

George ended by saying: “such a suggestion really is quite ludicrous and just not consistent with international law.”