Brexiteer George Eustice confirmed negotiations are in a difficult position after EU added a load of additional demands.

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George Eustice MP states the talks are in a “difficult position”, saying the sticking points have been around “fisheries and the level playing” field for several months.

George said: “These are it’s in a very difficult position. There’s no point denying that for several months. Now, they’ve been sticking points around issues such as access on fisheries and also so-called Level Playing Field Provisions.”

Mr Eustice did say that progress was being made last week until the EU “added a whole load of additional demands” which caused a lot of problems.

He said: “There was some hope early last week some progress was being made and at one point it looked like there might be a breakthrough, but obviously then the European Union added a whole load of additional demands after that which caused some problems.”

Mr Eustice continued to say: “we’re going to continue to work on these negotiations until there’s no point in doing so any further, but there’s no point denying either what happened late last week was a setback.”