Macron slammed by Peter Bone MP saying his demands are “wholly unreasonable”.

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Peter Bone MP has slammed Macron saying it was the demands from the French that have put uncertainty in the final moments of the Brexit negotiations. Peter bone said it was “‘wholly Unreasonable” for Macron to pull out demands that could not be met.

Yesterday Brexit talks were put on hold after “significant divergences” remain.

As time quickly runs out, today, Boris will be talking with European Union commission chief Ursula Von Der Leyen about the state of progress in these negotiations.

On Newsnight last night, Peter Bone said: “There seems to be quite a division in the EU with the Germans pressing for a deal, and the French saying no.

“I think, objectively, a deal is good for the UK and the EU. Sensible people in the EU say that.

“The reason the talks have broken down is because of last-minute demands from French, which are wholly unreasonable.

“I have complete confidence in Boris and David Frost. Boris won’t come back with a bad deal. I am confident that Boris will be able to persuade the EU to do a deal.”

It’s reported that Macron has deliberately pushed the EU to hold out forcing negotiations to pass the transition period end date.

This is in an attempt to make Boris and his team come round the table next year where he hopes concessions can be made without a time restriction.

In the summer Boris did state that he wouldn’t be returning next year to continue negotiations, it either now or never. 

With punch, came Judy. Merkel said yesterday during negotiations for both sides to drop their red lines and come to an agreement. This was due to Merkel being under significant pressure from the German car manufacturing industry.

A spokesperson for Merkel said: “For the chancellor, and that hasn’t changed in recent weeks, the willingness to compromise is needed on both sides.

“If you want to have a deal, then both sides need to move towards each other. Everybody has their principles, there are red lines, that’s clear, but there’s always room for compromise.”

With the evident desperation coming from Merkel, Macron continues to threaten that he will veto the whole treaty if the deal doesn’t meet his own expectations.

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