Liam Halligan slams the EU on question time saying, the EU has a “kind of colonial relationship” with the UK with its demands on fishing.

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Last night on BBC’s Question Time, writer and economist Liam Halligan, stated the EU currently, has a “kind of colonial relationship” with the UK with its demands for fishing. The EU is forcibly trying to make Britain accept the status quo after the transition period deadline.

Mr Halligan said: “It’s always the Brits who are presented by our own media that are presented as being unreasonable and the European’s who are being presented as sanguine.

“Now you get to a situation where two-thirds of fish caught in British waters are caught by non-British boats.

“90 percent of the cod caught in the English Channel is caught by French boats. That can’t be right.

“This is a kind of colonial relationship where some independent countries have a hold over the resources of another now sovereign independent country.

“The reason fishing is such a small percentage of our economy is because it’s been decimated and it’s been decimated in some of the poorest parts of the country.”

Mr Halligan didn’t stop there, he then exposed the political parties who once backed getting rid of the common fisheries policy. The CFP has been in place since 1972 after Heath gave away Britains seas to gain acceptance into the EU.

Mr Halligan said: “Lots of my friends in the Green Party, for many years they were against the common fisheries policy because it has led to overfishing.

“If we had a British fishing policy, then we could allow stocks to replenish in our British waters.

“Why can’t we have the same deal the Norwegians have where they renegotiate every year fair and square.”

When Britain went into these negotiations, it did so under the impression the EU would respect the fact the UK will become an independent coastal state. Instead, we’ve seen a consistent disregard for this which is in the legally-binding withdrawal agreement.

The EU claim it’s the UK which hasn’t played by the book. Yet, it’s the EU that have done all they can to overturn Brexit firstly, and when that failed, they trying to force Britain to extend the transition period forcefully.

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