Tesco’s CEO – Were ready for every Brexit scenario, including “NO DEAL.”

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Tesco’s boss has said their store is ready for every Brexit scenario, including “NO DEAL.”


Tesco’s CEO said on Sky News that regardless of the outcome, it will not affect their customers.

CEO Murphy said: “That is the scenario we are preparing under.

“So we have been doing everything in our power to make sure that we are well placed to continue trading, to continue to supply our customers, regardless of whether there is or isn’t a no-deal Brexit.”

He then spoke about Northern Ireland saying: “I think the biggest challenge we face really is the movement of product between borders, movement of product between Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of course between mainland Europe and the UK.

“So that is the one area where we would really urge the Government to give us some clarity and to allow us to prepare even better for the end of December.”

These comments fly in the face of those doomster Remainers who said we wouldn’t have food to eat, and there would be significant shortages. Just goes to show with planning, all those doomsday scenarios can be remedied.

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