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Britains negotiators have said to have pushed back against EU’s demands on fisheries.

It’s being reported that the EU negotiators are “millimetres” away from their own red lines on fisheries.

This has left EU negotiators worried about the lack of leverage they now have over Britains waters going forward.

The EU wanted the UK to accept a higher proportion of quotas from Britain’s waters in exchange for the status quo on the current arrangements going forward.

This was dismissed by UK negotiators and  British MP’s over the weekend saying we can not accept not controlling our own territorial waters.

An EU diplomat said: “We are millimetres away from the bottom line of the mandate and we have to really look at the details of what is now being negotiated.

Fish is a very important factor because of the way it plays into domestic politics in France and other member states.

“I don’t think there is a need or a desire by leaders to really change the mandate. It includes our bottom line, and we are not prepared to cross it.”

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