EU demand to fish 6 miles off the shores of Britain.

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EU demands that they’re allowed to fish 6 miles from Britain’s shores. This is another shocking demand which again clear goes against respecting Britain as a sovereign nation.

Britain has pushed back, saying it will reclaim its 12 nautical miles from Britain’s shores after the transition period.

Bloomberg reports: “The EU is also asking to include access to waters six miles to 12 miles from Britain’s coast in the agreement.

“And a landing zone has yet to be identified on quotas and how to divide up the more than 100 species that are caught in Britain’s waters.”

Regardless of demands from the EU Britains negotiators have vowed Britain’s waters will be sovereign once again.

This demand comes after Barnier attempted to palm Britain off with a 15% – 18% of extra fish quota as long as EU nations have unrestricted access into Britain’s waters.

This demand was refused over the weekend by members of Parliament.

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