EU offers Britain 104 million pounds worth of fishing quotas for continued open access into Britains waters.

Britain has been offered a return of fishing quota worth £104 million for continued open access into Britains sovereign fishing waters.

EU Negotiator Michel Barnier is said to be offering a return of 15-18% fishing quota from EU fishing fleets to the UK. This offer is more of an attempt to retain control of Britain’s waters while increasing the share of quotas for British fishers.

RTE tweeted: “The EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier will propose that between 15% and 18% of the fish quota caught in UK waters by EU fleets will be restored to the UK under a free trade agreement, @rtenews understands. EU vessels catch on average €650 million in quota each year from UK waters, meaning Barnier’s offer would be worth up to €117m. These would be in demersal and pelagic stocks.”

With this offer, it’s clear the EU continue to disrespect the UK as a satellite state of the EU, and not as a third sovereign nation whose control isn’t own sovereign waters.

A person close to the trade talks has said the offer is vastly inadequate to respecting UK sovereignty.

EU offers Britain 104 million pounds worth of quotas for continued open access into Britains fishing waters.

Barnier has threatened to walk away from the talk if the UK refuses to accept their terms, and change its position by Wednesday.

The PM has said: “Our position on fish has not changed.

“We will only be able to make progress if the EU accepts the reality that we must be able to control access to our waters.
“It is very important at this stage to emphasise that.”

The UK did make an offer to review the deal with EU on fisheries in 3-4 years. The EU rejected the offer, pushing the review to take place in 10 years time.

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