PC Welsh government consider removal of historical monuments, Winston Churchill, Lord Nelson and Mahatma Gandhi.

Welsh government

PC Welsh government are considering the removal of monuments of Winston Churchill, Lord Nelson and Mahatma Gandhi.


The Welsh government launched this report to look at historical figures that they deemed had a hand in slavery and Colonialism. The Welsh government stated they are doing this to tackle racism and imperialism.

This reports found Churchill was “widely hated in South Wales mining communities for his actions as Home Secretary during the Tonypandy riots”. To remedy the concerns of the report, the Welsh government are considering rehoming the monuments in a museum.

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In regards to Lord Nelson, the report found: “He is known from private correspondence to have opposed the abolition of the slave trade though he doesn’t appear to have done so publicly.”

Welsh government

With Gandhi, the report found “racism against Black South Africans”.

In response to this attack on historical figures, Commons Leader Jacob Rees-Mogg said it was “Britain-hating nonsense”.
Jacob said: “an avalanche of miserable Britain-hating nonsense filling the airwaves in recent months about our history and our culture”.

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