MP lambasts Met Police after arresting a 76 yrs old lady, bundling her into the back of a van.

Sir Charles Walker Lambasts Met police

In London, a 76 yr old lady was detained by the police for standing outside the Palace of Westminster. The lady was protesting against her civil liberties being removed due to lockdown. The video below shows MP, Sir Charles Walker witnessing the event. The MP then lambasts the met police as they grab the elderly lady, spread eagle, and bundle her into a van.

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Sir Charles Walker didn’t stop there. He then goes into Parliament and tells the world what happened. The MP then demands questions answered from “Boris and or Home Secretary” about this event. This shows that even the MP’s are now standing up to our civil liberties being removed. What’re your thoughts on this event?

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John Flynn.

She ought to know better at her age. Her civil liberty is not the liberty to put others at risk.