EU within days of operating under a no-deal scenario.

As trade talks reach the final days in Brussels, many officials state there is still “substantial work to do”. European Commission vice-president Valdis Dombrovskis was asked if there was a deadline for a deal to be in place, the vice president said the only deadline is at the end of the year( end of the transition period).

Mr Dombrovskis said: “Michel Barnier updated us on the state of play of Brexit negotiations.

“The negotiations are currently ongoing with great intensity because we are now in the final push to reach an agreement and from the Commission side we continue to work with this aim to reach agreement although there are still important elements to be resolved.

“There’s still substantial work to do. I will not start putting specific deadlines this week next week.

“We have seen many deadlines come and go, but there’s one deadline which we’ll not be able to move January 1.

“One can say; indeed, we are now in the last moments to reach this agreement.”

EU leaders are said to be trying to call Boris Johnson’s bluff by pushing a No Deal scenario. Today the EU plan to hold a conference call between EU leaders then trigger the start of “a no-deal scenario”. This move is to try and make Boris subservient to EU demands through fear of No Deal.

Negotiators fail to reach an agreement.

An EU diplomat said: “You can expect some strong words from leaders that the EU will be within days of operating in a no-deal scenario and the Commission has been tasked to activate contingency planning.”

Mr Johnson’s spokesman said: “The PM said that his position hasn’t changed. The UK is keen to secure a deal with the EU but not at the cost of our core principles around sovereignty and control over our laws, borders, money – and our fish.

“We are working hard to find solutions which fully respect UK sovereignty, but it is far from certain that an agreement will prove possible and time is now very short.

“The PM said that if we cannot find suitable compromises with our European friends, we will leave the transition period on Australia-style terms on January 1.”