Boris reaffirms that Britain will not be backing down on fishing red lines.

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Boris Johnson has today reaffirmed that he would not be backing down on Britain’s fishing red lines. This response was after French President Macron demanded Britain to make sure that French fishers are “minimally impacted.”

Talks are today continuing in Brussels in a search for a deal. Both Negotiators are saying progress is being made but sceptical if something will be in place in time for the end of the transition period. 

Boris has warned that the outcome of the talks is “Far from certain” And unsure if a deal would be completed in time before the year-end deadline. The hold-ups are said to be around the level playing field, fisheries, and rules around state aid.

In response to the state of negotiations, a European Commission spokesperson said: “What is clear is that we continue to negotiate intensively with our UK partners and we aim, obviously, to find a deal when the conditions will be there.

“We are not going to give a blow-by-blow account of what negotiators are working towards.”

Boris stands by fishing red lines in negotiations.

The French have said that without a deal in place the impact of a No Deal will be immediately “devastating” on their fishing industry. A diplomat from France said:  “The priority for the French is to have the lowest possible impact to keep access to English territorial waters.”

In response to the ongoing negotiations, a Whitehall official told the Express newspaper that “We’re determined to reach a reasonable deal which respects UK sovereignty, we’re not giving in to French demands.” 

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