Ben Habib – Unless Boris drops the withdrawal agreement, the UK is prohibited from leaving the EU without a deal

Unless Boris drops the withdrawal agreement, the UK is prohibited from leaving the EU without a deal, according to Former Brexit Party MEP, Ben Habib.

Brexiteer Ben Habib has lashed out at Boris Johnson after he said under the Withdrawal agreement which Boris signed, the UK can not leave the EU on a No-deal Brexit.

When Boris started to push the internal market bill, there was a glimmer of hope a No Deal was possible. However, without the internal market bill being in place and the negotiations coming to an end, we are still under the withdrawal agreement rules meaning No Deal is off the table according to Ben Habib.

Mr Habib told the Express: “There are two things to say, the first is that we cannot now have a no-deal without Boris Johnson denouncing or repudiating the withdrawal agreement.

“This is because that agreement has longterm binding impacts on the United Kingdom.

“We have a deal of some description from which we simply cannot escape.”

 “There is nothing good in the withdrawal agreement and its associated political declaration, nothing useful from the UK’s perspective.

“I’m sure the Daily Express readers know it includes something called the Northern Irish protocol which essentially puts a border down the Irish sea, commits Northern Ireland to EU state aid law, this means that as EU state aid laws change, Northern Ireland has to adopt them.

“Because Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom that will have blowback into the rest of the UK.”

For weeks the British public have said ‘just walk from negotiations’ but with this explanation from Ben Habib it clearly shows why Boris can’t leave the table under the Withdrawal agreement rules.

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Ian Jenkins

Utter rubbish the WA is incomplete without the agreement on the “Future Relationship” As there is no agreement on this then the WA is nul and void and UK are free to go WTO on 01/01/2021