Irish in a PANIC – Mr Coveney: “The negotiations are not in a good place when it comes to fishing.”

Ireland fishing

The mood in Ireland is one of significant panic as they sense a deal may not be agreed this week. The Irish see substantial divides in the discussions especially around Brexit, the Irish said the division over fisheries is “Very, very wide”.

Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney blames Boris for the breakdown in negotiations around fisheries as Boris promised to take back control of Britain’s waters.

The promises made by Boris are said to be incompatible to the demands of the EU. The EU expect the UK to cave in on fisheries so a deal can be completed this week. However, the British refuse, saying the EU needs to respect the UK as a sovereign coastal nation, anything g less then the UK will not agree.

Mr Coveney said: “The negotiations are not in a good place when it comes to fishing.

“There hasn’t been any success in closing the gap between the positions of either side.

George Eustice said measure will be reinstated into the internal market bill.

“Until we find a way of doing that, there isn’t going to be an agreement. We’re in the same place in fishing as we were in mid-summer and neither side has really budged from their position.”

With the two sides continuing to clash over over fishing, the EU has said that if a deal can’t be found on fisheries, then the whole deal will not pass. The EU want a solid non-changeable agreement embedded in the trade agreement which the British disagree with. The British want to deal with fisheries on an annual basis, under a new system of Zonal attachment with discussions away from the trade deal.

This week is said to be make or break for the deal. Only time will tell on how the discussions conclude.

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