Irish Minister threatens Britain “When I say if a deal isn’t done this week we have real problems, I meant it.”

Irish Foreign minister has today threatened that if a deal isn’t done by the end of this week, then it will mean the start of “Real Problems” for the UK.

The Irish foreign minister was on Sky News Sophie Ridge show saying: “When I say if a deal isn’t done this week, we have real problems, I meant it.

“We are running out of time now. There is a ratification process, particularly on the EU side that does take some time.
“The EU Parliament have to pass this in debates with every capital across the EU.

“EU leaders have to come together to sign off on any deal.

“Once there is a political agreement if there is one between the two teams which is a big if at this stage, putting together the final legal text of that agreement also takes time and there are only 47 days left in the year.

“This week is move week. We have got to make big progress this week.

“Hopefully we can get the big issues resolved in principle this week, so then we can finalise the text and get this deal ratified.

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“People have got to see the bigger picture here too. Europe and the UK are struggling their way through the COVID virus.

“We’ve got to start looking ahead and creating some optimism and positivity, building a partnership between the UK and EU for the future.


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