UNBELIEVABLE – Lefty lawyers stop 28 migrants being deported.

Today it’s being reported that 28 migrants have had their deportation blocked by meddling lawyers. Once again they stopped the deportation over claims of human rights, the flight was meant to leave on Tuesday morning along with eight others.

This blocking by lawyers isn’t unusual; last week lawyers once again stopped 37 migrants from being deported. With nearly 9’000 illegal migrants projected to have crossed the English Channel this year, a frustrated Priti Patel said she’d done all she can to remove those who have entered Britain illegally. However, each time meddling “Lefty Lawyers” have been stopping deportations.

The spokesperson for the Home Office said: ‘Yesterday we removed migrants who arrived in small boats and had no right to remain in the UK, to safe EU countries.

‘However, once again, we experienced a high number of late legal claims – these types of claims are often unfounded, or without merit, but are given full legal consideration.

‘We are determined to fix the broken asylum system to make it firm and fair and stop those who come to the UK through illegally-facilitated routes from safe countries.’

A Tory member of the Commons home affairs committee Tim Loughton said: ‘I don’t know whose interests these lawyers think they are acting in, but it is certainly not the law-abiding British taxpayer.    

‘It is incomprehensible that we are paying for people to be in the country when they have no cause to be here and our hospitality is being abused even further by lawyers using questionable last-minute tactics to take people off planes, adding even more expense with unused flights and further legal wrangles.

‘We do the right thing and support genuine asylum seekers with grounds to stay in the UK, but the system is far too open to abuse.’

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Don Miller

Where does the will and wishes of the voting majority on this issue come into it? Who is paying the legal fees for the lawyer(s) hindering the immigration officials from deporting these illegals? This appears to me to be quite clearly nothing more than a blatant fraud under some new and / or different name being committed by sleazy legal profession.

Ruby Foster

These migrants are criminals , why are they allowed mobile phones? , how much advance notice are they given of deportation?. They should be told to pack and immediately taken to the plane only once landed on the other side should their possessions be returned


Sack the lawyers