Lord Adonis hopes to bring down the UK internal market bill through technicalities which will leave Britain vulnerable to meddling EU.

Lord Adonis has been at it again bashing Brexit Britain, this time it’s with a loophole which Lord Adonis states he’ll be able to use to block the internal market bill passing the House of Lords.

Adonis claims that due to the internal market bill not being specified in the government’s manifesto in the last general election, the House of Lords will be able to counter the bill every time it returns from the commons.

The House of Lords voted down two amendments which were critical amendments in the internal market bill to protect Britain from EU meddling post-transition period. The House of Lords voted down both amendments 433 to 165 and 407 to 148. Adonis vowed to not “back down” as they battle to keep the UK tied to the EU post-transition period.

After the vote took place the Pro EU Remainer and Labour peer, Lord Adonis said: “I’m virtually certain the House of Lords won’t now back down in its rejection of the key breaches of international law in the Internal Market Bill.
“Ken Clarke and Michael Howard both said as much yesterday, leading 44 Tory rebels as part of the majority of 268 against Johnson.

Eurocrat Adonis.

“Under the ‘Salisbury convention,’ the Lords must ultimately pass measures in the government’s election manifesto.
“But in this case, Johnson’s proposal was not in his manifesto.
“Rather, the opposite was promised in his manifesto!
“So the Lords is on firm constitutional ground.”

Adonis continued saying: “The right immediate policy on Brexit, in the economic crisis now engulfing us, is this: we should seek, during a further extension, to renegotiate the Withdrawal Agreement to remain in the Customs Union and retain as full access to the Single Market as possible.”

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