Unofficial President Biden readying to level an ultimatum at Boris. Back down on brexit demands or face serious trade consequences with US.

Nigel Farage has exposed an ultimatum that Biden will level at Boris. Biden, though not officially President, is said to be readying to throw his weight around, firstly going after Britain with an ultimatum, demanding Boris to back down from his Brexit demands or face severe consequences on trade from the US.

Nigel told LBC: “For Brexit, and for Boris, this is a very, very difficult result.
“What is already becoming clear is that Biden’s first phone call with Boris is simply going to say, ‘Sign the right deal with Monsieur Barnier, or there is no prospect of a trade deal’.
“Boris finds himself in a difficult position.”

Nigel then slammed The government saying they had four years to seal a deal with a pro-British President yet they chose to waste time.

Nigel said: “Four years, in 2016, I was the first foreign visitor to meet president-elect Trump.
“They were all very excited that Trump and Brexit had happened at the same time. They wanted a trade deal as soon as possible, and the Conservatives have wasted it.”
Mr Farage continued: “I think the prospect of a trade deal with the US looks weak.”

With Biden fighting for the Irish due to his part Irish heritage, the UK, if Biden is confirmed as US President, will have a significant uphill battle on its hands. Biden will be demanding the UK to plays to the US tune and demanding obedience to avoid problems on trade.

Dominic Raab said: “I’m confident we will navigate all of those issues sensitively and correctly.
“We listen very carefully to the concerns of our American friends. Particularly on the Hill in the Irish lobby, they feel very invested in the Good Friday agreement; we understand that.
“But it is not the UK that is putting it at risk; it is the EU.”

Will Boris knowing the scenes in the US be strong, or will he retreat and back down?

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Boris better stick with his Brexit Red Lines else he’s done in politics.
He can tell Burden to take a running jump.
We can weather the storm for 4 years (already proved that with Brexit)so Boris must NOT give in to further foreign influences.
Nigel for PM.

RE Veteran

Keep yer snout out of our politics Biden, we don’t interfere with yours so back off. Most of us couldn’t care less if you don’t give the UK a FTA or not anyway, we ain’t that desperate and don’t have much that we want to boot!

Steven Spooner

Would good old joe let another country dominate the US I think not so why would he think he can tell us which way our country has to go once we are out of the eu I know he has Irish descendants but we cannot be governed by any other government we have had the eu telling us what we can do for long enough and now need to govern ourselves.

Clive Fletcher

UK is the largest foreign investor in the USA, 600 billion, will Socialist Biden risk jeopardising millions of American jobs if the UK decided to withdraw from an ever divided US and put the $600 billion elsewhere & lose their only military & intelligence partner.