DEAD VOTES MATTER? – Pennsylvania had a vote from someone who was 170 years old.

As the democrats keep chanting all votes matter, evidence has come to light that 170 yr old voted from the grave in Pennsylvania. People are right all votes do matter, as long as they are legal votes.

This US election count has now become a world spectacle; you can’t win an election with invalid votes no matter how much you want to win. The MSM are still keeping the narrative going that Biden’s set to win, yet they are reluctant to question these damaging voter irregularities. MSM silence on the irregularities is showing compliance with the attempted fraud that’s going on. The count continues… TRUTH /// To all those who say the voters who are dead claim is false. Here is a link to the evidence we presented. You can change date of birth to show oldest first. When you look at it please bare in mind that those who have the Date if birth at 1800 specificially are from abuse victims to keep them anonymous. The rest are genuine ballot requests. Here’s the link.…/2020-General-Election…/mcba-yywm