Barnier demands the UK to show willingness by moving on it’s red lines – Britain refuses.

Michel Barnier runs clock down

It’s been reported that Barnier isn’t thrilled with UK negotiator Lord Frost. This was due to Lord Frost labelling the offerings coming from the EU as being “Low-value”. Barnier has been very frustrated over Lord frost’s eagerness for a more generous agreement to which the EU has refused to accept.

Before the close of the last round of talks, Boris said: “There is still an agreement to be had. We will continue to work hard in September to achieve it. It is one based on our reasonable proposal for a standard free trade agreement like the one the EU has agreed with Canada and so many others.”

Barnier claims Britain has not been reciprocating the willingness to compromise in key areas, meaning Britain has been giving up on fisheries and demands over common standards in the future. After two weeks of talks, both sides yet again went their separate way after divisions still remained.

According to the EU, the talks are not on track to completing a deal unless the UK changes its approach. With this being said from the EU, it seems they want the UK to demand less, and adhere to their terms to get a deal controlled by the EU agreed. Barnier needs to realise the UK will not be doing that.

Barnier isn’t happy as Britain tries to bypass him.

Lord Frost said: “We’ve just finished two weeks of intensive talks with the EU.
“Progress made, but I agree with Michel Barnier that wide divergences remain on some core issues. We continue to work to find solutions that fully respect UK sovereignty.”

A furious Barnier is said to be upset over constant attempts by the British to sideline the EU negotiator in favour of speaking to other EU leaders. The question remains on whether a deal will be done in time, but one thing is for sure, Britain seems to be standing firm on its red lines.

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Billiant lets keep that way!!!!


Head towards NO DEAL Boris


We should not give in to the French demands we have not heard from the other states. We should stop buying French products and buy British.

RE Veteran

The three red lines are the ones that the EU want to keep control of the UK, regulate and conform to their laws and that is unacceptable, we need to have a clean break from the controlling EU, void the WA then use the WTO and negotiate again when there is no rush with a warning of NO fish, NO level playing field and NO governance or law taking.
Rushing a deal that is not in our interests will only bite us on the bum later.