BOMBSHELL – Intelligence officer states ballots have been watermarked with an encrypted code to indicate authenticity of the ballot…Dems are in a panic.

Just out. An intelligence officer is reporting that Trump has set up the Dems to expose the alleged systemic election fraud. It’s said every genuine ballot had been encrypted watermarked to show authenticity a bit like how money is marked to show authenticity.

The Democrats are doing their best to stop a recount to verify genuine ballots from Fake Ballots. Has the lid been blown off this alleged election fraud? Only time will tell, one thing is for sure the Dems are getting extremely twitchy.

29 thoughts on “BOMBSHELL – Intelligence officer states ballots have been watermarked with an encrypted code to indicate authenticity of the ballot…Dems are in a panic.

  1. That should have been standard practice.
    Anything to prevent voter fraud or other vote tampering.

    I like the West African method. Indelible ink on your voting finger. Put your finger print on the candidate you want. Stops any repeat voting as you can’t go back and re-vote as someone else because you are marked. And it indicates, for several days after, that you stepped up and did your civic duty and voted.

    Let’s now get a true count.

  2. Highly doubt this happened. No way for the White House to send out 100% of mail in ballots for a state without someone in the creation process to know about it and talk. Another tin foil hat conspiracy.

    1. Since ALL US elections are state run, they all have their own ballots. 100 % are printed locally. Unless the Gov’t dropped paper off at every printing shop and counted on secrecy from 100s of printing contractors across the country this just cant be true.
      PS – this is why we have STATE elections and not FEDERAL elections

      1. The election of the Presidency and Vice-Presidency as well as House and Senate offices ARE federal offices. It IS a Federal election.

    2. The Hill, a well knowned publication published an article entitled “DHS cyber agency invests in election auditing tool to secure 2020 election”. It was published in the Hill on November 1, 2019 and was written by Maggie Miller.

  3. That would be awesome for sure. I highly doubt that story is legitimate though. No politician wants our electoral system fool proofed though. They are all crooks.

  4. There is no doubt that there are ways to totally eliminate voter fraud. We’ll never have that in the US though. Never happen. Cheating is at the core of all American politicians.

  5. Yeah this story is debunked, each state prints its own ballots, no central authority on this issue. Total waste of time conspiracy theory 🤮

    1. Anon you were aware that earlier this year that was changed legally? A single company with oversite from dhs prints all the ballots now.

      1. Well if this is true, perhaps they will weed out the Crooks.

        The next election they need to
        Get rid of postal votes because that is where the fraud is..and the politicians know this..This needs sorting out. Only time will tell

  6. How do you know that the DHS was not working with the printing companies that produce these ballots? Maybe that is why they only chose 10-12 states. They all used the same printing company.

  7. True each state prints its own ballots but they do so with DHS provided paper which is seen to them. It is plausible.

  8. Another thing! Obama was a phony President, Biden was his phony VP and Biden’s choice to be HIS VP Kamala Harris is also a fraud. Obama is not an Art.II (U.S. Constitution) “Natural Born Citizen”. Biden is complicit with Obama’s usurpation of the Presidency by fraud, during time in which the U.S. was engaged in war in Afghanistan. This is an act of Treason and espionage against the U.S. Pelosi is an accomplice with Obama and Biden. Kamala Harris is also a constitutionally barred candidate since she too is NOT an Article II “Natural Born Citizen” of the U.S. In fact, under the British Nationality Act provisions, having been born to two British Commonwealth Nations (British Jamaica and “The Raj” (India)) she has claim to British Subjecthood/citizenship at birth. Finally, Kamala Harris is currently being SUED in the United States District Court for D.C. The docket # of the case is 1:20-civ-02511. It is being presided over by the Honorable Emett G. Sullivan, U.S. District Court Judge. The name of the case is “United States, ex rel, Robert C. Laity v. U.S. Senator Kamala Devi Harris. I am the Plaintiff/ Relator in the case.

  9. For more details one can go to the Post and Email, an online newspaper, and search for “Kamala Harris eligibility suit docketed in federal court”. Also see my book “Imposters in the Oval Office”, iUniverse Publishing, (c)2018. Additionally,see “There is no President Obama” by Robert C. Laity, Post and Email News. The file for the case against Kamala Harris is also accessible on the U.S. Federal Courts PACER system .

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