Labour frontbencher Lisa Nandy – “Our national interest is very much bound up with a Biden victory”

This morning on talk radio, Labours frontbencher Lisa Nandy said Biden was the best person for Britain to work with to achieve a trade deal. Lisa said: “On almost every measure, the UK has come away empty handed from the special relationship over the last few years so there is no question in my mind that our national interest is very much bound up with a Biden victory.”

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RE Vet

Really? Labour are now an authority on US elections now are they, most favour Trump rather that senile old man that should be in a home. Just glad these people are not in No.10.

Adam Hiley

Of course it’s Americans business who they choose as they’re president Biden is no friend of ours he appears to have a similar attitude problem to Britain as obama did, Nandy is another Liebore tool globalist shill, Liebore no nothing about the UK’S national interests except the punchbag of the failed EU

Alex Hoff

Biden would stitch the UK up in a heartbeat,to cosy up with his buddies in Brussels what planet is she on???