Boris refuses to respond to the EU’s removal demands on the internal market bill.

Boris Ultimatum to the EU: It’s No Deal or a deal which respect the sovereignty of Britain.

Boris hasn’t responded to the EU after they said they would hit the UK with legal consequences if Britain doesn’t amend the Internal Market Bill. The EU commission chief gave Britain 30 days to respond, Boris has refused to send correspondence back to the EU which has sparked fury with the commission.

This hasn’t gone down well with the EU, Brussels are now setting out their next steps in an attempt to punish Britain for not adhering to their demands.

A commission spokesperson said: “The EU has received no reply from the UK. Therefore, we’re considering next steps, including issuing a reasoned opinion.

“This dispute will have to be resolved.”

Ursula wants the removal of the internal market bill

With Britain refusing to remove EU highlighted “Problematic parts” of the legislation, the EU is now set to send Britain a formal notice to demand compliance from Britain with their requests.

She added: “This draft Bill is, by its very nature, a breach of the obligation of good faith laid down in the Withdrawal Agreement.

“Moreover, if adopted as is, it will be in full contradiction of the protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland.”

Boris refuses to remove the internal market bill stating it’s Britains safety net.

In response to this, a Downing Street spokesperson said: “We are committed to working through the Joint Committee process to find a satisfactory outcome for both sides.

“That is our overriding priority. We will respond to the next stages of this process in due course.”

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