Conservatives in a Panic as Nigel Farage and Richard Tice launch new anti lockdown party ‘Reform UK’.

Conservative MP’s are in a panic this evening as Nigel Farage hit the launch button on a brand new party “Reform UK”. Farage and Tice are set to rattle Westminster as they send a firing shot at the launch on Monday saying” Lockdown’s don’t work”. Farage and Tice are set to give an alternative stance to the consistent economic crushing lockdowns that have been driven by the conservatives with no end in sight.


In regards to the position on lockdown, Nigel and Tice told the Telegraph that “lockdowns don’t work”. They went on to mention the Great Barrington Declaration which is backed by the finest epidemiologists and medics in the world.
They go on to say: “Focused protection is the key, targeting resources at those most at risk: the elderly, vulnerable or those with other medical conditions. Many of them, of course, would prefer to hug their grandchildren and enjoy a family Christmas with loved ones. They should not be criminalised for the simple acts that make life worth living, particularly in their final years.
World class epidemiologists and medics behind the Great Barrington Declaration
“The rest of the population should, with good hygiene measures and a dose of common sense, get on with life. This way, we build immunity in the population. The young act as warriors, creating a shield of protection. Multi-generational households will, of course, need to implement stricter measures.”
This direction from a new party will relieve the build-up of anger and give a platform to those who have an alternative view to constant government shutdowns, prediction driven advice, and media fear narratives that have been forced upon us for nearly 12 months.
What’re your thoughts on this? Are you supportive of this new move from Tice and Farage?

8 thoughts on “Conservatives in a Panic as Nigel Farage and Richard Tice launch new anti lockdown party ‘Reform UK’.

  1. Been following both gentleman for some time.
    Politics in the UK appears to have been hijacked by nefarious influences. We want out country back.
    So happy to hear the right people are pulling together to face this threat to our country.

  2. Not so sure about Nigel any more,he never seems to finish what he started.He needs to step up and decide once and for all what he wants.If he cannot will not be a potential PM then he needs to move on instead of giving people false hopes ,in out farage isn’t working.

  3. Bonkers. Herd imunity means allow the weak to die and the strong survive (for strong read fit or wealthy) not the British way more the Trump way.

  4. Farage all the way, Boris dont seem to have a back bone, he has done nothing about our Borders and as someone just said he done nothing on the BLM riots but the police thought is was OK to push a elderly lady to the floor in protests, ive lost faith in him.

  5. Yes, I would support Richard Tice & Nigel Farage. It is about time that another party came to the fore to challenge the Conservatives. The Conservatives have gotten away with too much, like Extinction Rebellion with all there nonsense of blocking streets, leaving there rubbish behind which does not suite there name. BLM with all there riots, pulling statues down etc & the police just letting all that happen & not taking control. Police also pushing people to the ground.

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