Australian commissioner exposes how the EU will still control life in Britain post Brexit.

A former Australian High commissioner to the UK has highlighted that the EU will still be able to impose on British sovereignty if a free trade deal isn’t found. The former commissioner Alexander Downer said that Even if there wasn’t a deal between the UK and EU and both sides parted on a no-deal exit, due to provisions and Northern Ireland protocol in the withdrawal deal the EU would still have a hand in the life of the UK post-Brexit.

The former commissioner said: The “Withdrawal Agreement and the Northern Ireland protocol make it very difficult for the UK to have the same sort of trading arrangement with the EU as Australia has. In particular, Australia is an entirely sovereign nation and the EU has no jurisdiction over relations between, for example, Australian states.”

“This is in stark contrast to the implications of the Withdrawal Agreement/Northern Ireland Protocol that impinge significantly on UK sovereignty and have jurisdiction over key aspects of Northern Ireland law and relationships between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.”

Last week the media reported that there was only one Week left before the deal is completed. The question which is on every brexiteers mind is what has Britain given away in the technicalities to achieve an agreement. Nigel Farage has threatened recently that if the Brexit deal isn’t Brexit, he would again have no other option but to re-enter politics and sort this mess out. 

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Neville George

If a deal isn’t done then the WA is void, it’s a condition on getting a deal, however, the EU have continually breached the WA so frankly it ain’t worth the paper it’s written on if we leave on a no deal.