Former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib predicts a gloomy outcome for Brexit Britain as Boris and Ursula meet over video call.

With the meeting between the EU and Boris Johnson,  Brexit Party MEP, Ben Habib, isn’t very upbeat about the outcome of the brexit negotiations. In an interview with the Express, Ben Habib said: “If you define a real Brexit as one in which we get back control of our laws, our borders, our cash and our fishing then the minute the Prime Minister signed the Withdrawal Agreement it was impossible for him to deliver his promises.

“The Northern Ireland Protocol puts a border down the Irish sea, requires goods declarations between Northern Ireland and the UK going both ways and commits Northern Ireland to EU state aid law.


“And not just EU state aid law as it happens to be at the end of the transition period, it commits Northern Ireland to dynamic alignment with EU state aid law.

“In other words as the EU changes its own laws, Northern Ireland will have to fall into place.

“As a result of Northern Ireland being part of the UK that will impinge on the rest of the UK as well because companies and businesses that operate in Northern Ireland will be caught right across the UK by those laws.

“Unless the Government unpicks the Northern Ireland Protocol as a very bare minimum, we cannot regard any deal that comes out of Government as one that delivers a genuine Brexit.

“He is going to have to do some really nifty negotiating to get what I think any independently-minded person would regard as a proper Brexit.”


When questioned about brexit Mr Habib said: “I think they are almost dead certain to do a deal now.

“I think there’s no chance of no deal.

“I’m virtually certain that there will be compromises made by the UK and more so than the EU.

“They will be dressed up as compromises made by the EU and the deal will be pronounced as being a fantastic one for the UK but an in depth analysis of it will reveal that it is not a good deal.

“That’s my prediction which is not very upbeat and optimistic I’m afraid.”

4 thoughts on “Former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib predicts a gloomy outcome for Brexit Britain as Boris and Ursula meet over video call.

  1. BREXIT if not delivered literally , will destroy BORIS and the TORY PARTY ———— there will be a massive rebellion against any EU control of ANY SORT

  2. Boris should scrap the WA immediately instead of nit picking, but he won’t, he still wants to have ties with the EU, that what the three year transition on fishing does.

  3. If it wasn’t for the uk there would be no EU so grow a pair Boris and walk away No Deal is the best and only option it’s what we voted for!!!

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