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I had to fight for benefits and appeal decisions after a debilitating stroke.I worked for35 years as a teacher and yet these migrants get what I paid taxes for!Dont start me on the plight of our pensioners and veterans.Why did I contribute to a society that fails to look after its own people?

Alison Watt Mcelveen

Thought long and hard about the situation.
Immigration…We in the UK need immigration to fill the jobs that are not being filled by our own…
People can moan about it, but unless we start training up the people on benefits and get them back into the workplace, then we cannot moan about legal immigration…
Illegal immigration is a different matter. We need to crack down harder on anyone who gains illegal entry into our country/countries.
We do not know who they are, whether they are wanted for crimes in their respective countries.
Absolutely not one who enters illegally should ever be given leave to stay.

Sharon Lee Brown

So so sick of these young healthy wealthy young migrants being escorted into the UK . All well dressed and have phones. Strange we fought off the invasions of the UK for centuries but can not stop this outright invasion of our borders today.

Coleen Gauntlett

I live in Northern Ireland & i voted a big leave one of the 17 .4 leave voters & now im stuck partly in the EU all wrong it should one out all out feel my leave vote meant nothing after Boris shouting from the roof tops at a meeting in Belfast one out all out feel disgusted

Davy Shannon

It’s a Disgrace this government are threatening the people with fines for mask and threatening more lock downs . When they are letting Riots protest go a head . Plus letting thousands of illegal immigrants in who are proving positive and filling all our hotels and any were they can put them . Boris Johnson is pushing everything on to the covid crisis thinking it will take the attention of the illegal immigrants coming in . It’s a total disgrace . Boris you certainly won’t get my vote again.

Lydia King

I have never in my life ‘i’m 53’ seen or heard anything like we are seeing now… invasion of migrants.. 4☆ hotels… silencing of common sense.. an agenda thrust upon us that we are now all racist what the hell is going on here.. i want answers and right now there isn’t any… I am a citizen of this country.. I pay my tax and I want answers.. don’t treat the good tax payers of this country as insignificant numbers that do not matter… I for one, am sick to death of this put up and shut up culture. I count, we all count.. who the hell gets the right to make us insignificant!

Angie Mace

These illegal immigrants coming ashore has to stop,it’s making a mockery of those who apply legally and the excuse of letting people stay because we need them in the Country to fill jobs is a farce.We need doctors and nurses so let’s train our own people bursaries given to help with the cost of training.We need people in hospitals care homes and we need English speaking.All migrants need to learn English and follow our laws if not they can leave.I can add more as there are so many problems that need to be addressed but this is a start.

Sheila Diane Atkins

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📣 What’re your thoughts? Have your say.

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