Angry Conservative MP slams the French as they demand £30 million towards their patrol boats to stop illegal migrants coming to Britain.

To massively curb the flow of illegal migrant crossings across the English Channel, Britain could deploy Royal Navy boats and spotter crafts as quickly as next week.

Both Home Secretary Priti Patel and Defence Secretary Ben Wallace have come up with a joint plan which includes the deployment of naval vessels, spy aircraft, and drones.

Its hoped the plan curbs numbers on those who are trying to make it into Britain illegally a senior Government source told The Telegraph.

Next week the British government is said to be presenting the plan to the French government in Paris. In the plan its states that any migrants and their rafts will be taken to Dunkirk in northern France, but for this to happen it would need the approval of the French government.

With this, it was revealed very late on Saturday night that the French will be demanding the UK, again, to pay towards the cost of French patrol forces on the northern coast of France. This would cost the British taxpayer an extra £30 million. This is on top of £100 plus million that’s already been paid.

A Record amount of illegal migrants came to Britain last week.

A source from the Home office has said that “Throughout history, French governments have demanded money to end migrant crossings.” Ministers are going to be discussing the response to this proposal.

Priti Patel is going to France next week with a plan to curb the illegal entries into Britain.

An angry senior Conservative member of the Home Affairs select committee, Tim Loughton MP who monitors immigration for Parliament, criticised France’s demands for additional funds saying: “It is pretty rich for the French to be demanding yet more money from UK taxpayers to deal with a problem that they have singularly failed to deal with on their own territory.

“Throwing more money after bad when the problem could be solved if they agreed to turn around boats in the water and for us to repatriate illegal immigrants.”

What’re your thoughts on this? Should the UK taxpayer be paying for the French to keep their own waters in check, stopping illegal migrants leaving France and entering Britain illegally?

Hundreds of migrant boats in a compound in Dover


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