Richard Tice has a simple solution for the Channel migrant crisis “Rather than nicely escorting them to Dover, It’s very simple, they turn around and they take them back to Calais”

With the migrant crisis getting worse, the pressure is mounting on the government to do something to curb the numbers crossing into Britain illegally.


Mr Richard Tice, chairman of the Brexit Party, went on Talk Radio slamming the government over its handling of the migrant crisis.

Mr Tice said: “Millions of Britain’s up and down the country are sick and tired of senior conservative politicians, talking the talk, but never actually doing anything about it. They’re all talk, all waffle and no action.”

Mr Tice goes on to say: “It was a year ago that the Prime Minister himself said that illegal migrants coming over the English Channel from France, would be sent back. They wouldn’t be allowed to stay, and here we are.”

Mr Tice then talks about Nigel Farage saying: “It’s thanks to the efforts of Nigel Farage who raised this a number of weeks ago and finally the mainstream media including even the guardian have been left with no choice, but to actually cover this ever growing Scandal”.

Richard Tice then talks about what attracts the illegal migrants to come to Britain: “You’ve got thousands of people now literally every week, coming across the channel, and then they’re then being put up in hotels up and down the country. They’re being fed. They’re being paid a weekly subsidy.”

Nigel Farage questions Serco employees at a migrant hotel.

“It’s not surprising that actually these illegal immigrants who are being trafficked by a people-smuggling operation, by criminal gangsters across Europe, and it’s not surprising that they want to come to the UK, because we are seen as the soft touch, the benefits touch, and that’s why they don’t want to stay.”

Illegal migrants beaching on the Kent coast then absconded.

Mr Tice then gives a straightforward solution to this crisis: “There’s a very simple solution to this Kevin, which is when the Border force meet these boats because it’s all carefully orchestrated between the French navy and the UK border Force, when they meet them at the halfway line, rather than nicely escorting them to Dover, It’s very simple, they turn around and they take them back to Calais.”

“Once they do that day, after day, after day, the French may not like it the criminal Smugglers may not like it, but actually they would Realize that we mean business. We’re serious about this. It’s really not rocket science.”

Richard Tice slams the government over it handling.


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