Eye witness gives her reaction to an illegal migrant boat beaching on the beach “I’ve never seen nothing like that in my time“

Today the UK is demanding that France crackdowns on migrants crossing the channel after the recent hot spell saw the arrival of a record number of unaccompanied children. This morning another dinghy was intercepted by a border Force Patrol vessel.

In reaction to this, Schools Minister Nick. Gibb said on Sky News this morning that “It is a dangerous way to get into Britain and the people traffickers are criminals.“

“What we’re trying to do is to make this route unviable and we’re talking to a French ministers about preventing people leaving France in the first place and then finding other ways of making sure that we return boats to France when they’re trying to make what is a very dangerous Crossing.”

“France is a safe country and if people are seeking Asylum, they should be seeking asylum in France in the in the first instance”

A Sky news reporter spoke about the days events in Dover. He said “a dinghy came on shore, 14 suspected migrants or so on board.”

Beached boat on Kingsdown beach. Credit: Chris Johnson

“Among them at least two pregnant women, one child, and they were quickly intercepted by Border Police officials and home office immigration officers”

Migrants boats stacked up. Credit: Chris Johnson.

An eye witness in Dover said there were “14 people including one children, two pregnant ladies, the pregnant lady had to be assisted off with an ambulance waiting to go to hospital because she was clearly about to give birth”

“I’ve never seen nothing like that in my time”

Sky news reporter went on to say: “There was a total of 235 men, women, and children who successfully made across the channel yesterday. The numbers were down slightly to a hundred and thirty and today so far that we know of about 32 or so migrants have successfully made it ashore so this situation is ongoing”


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