VIDEO – If those who cross the English Channel illegally are allowed to stay. More will come.

In recent weeks the south coast of Britain has been coming under a daily invasion of illegal migrant boats making their way across the English Channel to our southern shores. 

So far on the current trajectory, there could be as many as 7000 illegal migrants that have crossed the English Channel to get to Britain that we know of this year alone. Many boats have been found on southern beaches, with life jackets scattered all over the beach with illegal migrants on the run. Those who fled are not factored into the numbers.

The question that everyone keeps asking is, why is this happening? Where are these illegal migrants staying and who’s footing the bill.

Last week Nigel Farage did a small documentary exposing what is going on from the time authorities have taken the illegal migrants, and where they end up. The findings were astonishing; it was found that up and down the country illegal migrants were staying in nice hotels and given, food, drink, wifi and got £40 a week to spend.

UK Border Force escorting illegal migrants into Dover.
Click picture Nigel Farage comes face to face with the illegal migrants at the 4-star hotel.

Nigel Farage’s documentary exposed a Hilton hotel in the midlands, which was a 4-star hotel and spa. There were no cars in the car park, but the hotel was fully booked. When Nigel went to the hotel seeking answers, the security staff were not allowed to say why the hotel was out of bounds to the public, and who was staying at the hotel. The security staff said they weren’t allowed to comment.

Nigel Farage also revealed that this cost the British taxpayers a whopping £4 Billion over the next ten years. Many people have been up in arms about this and rightly so.

We have ex-forces living rough on the streets of Britain, being refused housing by the local and national government. Yet, if you enter this country illegally, you get sheltered in a 4-star hotel, food, drink, WiFi, and money to spend. How can this be right?

Coaches waiting at Dover to take the migrants to an undisclosed area.

We all know that people want to come to Britain to seek a better life, but that has to be through the proper channels. The more we house and not return those who have come here illegally, the more will cross the channel knowing that if they make it, they can stay.

When we voted for the Conservative party in the last general election, we wanted them to secure our country and adequately control immigration. We understand that we are in a transition period with the EU, but that doesn’t stop the UK saying that those who come to Britain illegally will be detained and returned in due course. Only then will this slow down and stop. Until then, we will continue to see a mass flood to Britain by illegal migrants for the foreseeable future.

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