WARNING TO BRUSSELS – Support for EU membership collapses in France and Italy.

Citizens from different EU nation-states have sent a shock warning to the heart of Brussels. This was after it was found that the vast majority of citizens in Italy and France are now reconsidering their support of membership with the EU.

Euronews conducted a poll asking “If there were a referendum in your country’s membership of the EU in the not too distant future, how would you vote?”. Different countries started to vote. Germany with 67% along with Spain 63% showed quite considerable support of membership with the EU.

Around 43% of Italians said they would vote to continue membership with the EU, with 47% of France stating the same.

Just Spain saw a majority – 57 percent- of people who thought belonging to the EU has been positive or very positive for the nation. A shock result watched a third of Italians claim EU membership had been somewhat or very damaging for Italy.

Guy Verhofstadts answer is more Europe.
EU Commission President Ursula Von Dee Leyen pushes new generation EU.

Euronews then asked Europeans how they thought the coronavirus pandemic had been dealt with by their federal governments. Despite a recent spike in cases, Germans deemed their Government’s action adequate. In Italy, Spain and France, people weren’t convinced.

This poll comes as a coronavirus recovery finance deal was agreed by all the 27 member-states of the EU.

Commission dream is a on United States of Europe.

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