VIDEO – If UK negotiators stand firm on fisheries, Britains fishing industry could be worth £8 Billion a year post Brexit.

If Britain’s negotiators in the EU follow through on their promise of taking back control of UK fishing waters, the UK fishing industry could grow from £1 Billion to a massive £8 Billion.

As it stands, mass sea trawlers such as the ones from Holland enter into UK waters, use destructive techniques to catch their fish and take the lions to share of fish from Britain’s waters. This puts UK fishermen out of business.
UK fishermen are hoping that post-Brexit this will become a thing of the past as the UK will implement its own rules and quotas to those who want to fish in UK waters. With the lions share going to the UK.

One British Fishermen was asked “How’s the fishing industry in the UK where there’s at?”

Fisherman Chris Attenborough Said: “We’ve worked out we could potentially have an industry worth eight billion. At the moment it’s sitting at a billion.”

”That’s an awful lot more employment, it’s an awful lot more”

Chris estimates the U.K. fishing industry could jump from £1 Billion a year to an industry worth £8 Billion a year.
Dutch Trawler in British waters using destructive means to catch British fish.
UK fishing industry waits to take back its waters on 1st January 2021

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