Brussels in panic as perfect storm is brewing for “ITALEXIT”.

With the New No Europe For Italy party set up last week in the hopes to extract Italy from the EU, the prospect of “Italexit“ is certainly picking up pace. Last week Nigel Farage met with Gianluigi Paregone on the same day as the EU did a back room deal with 27 heads of state with an eye watering £677 billion recovery plan for Coronavirus. This was all done without a say from the citizens of the EU member nations.

In the “European Parliament Plenary on the conclusions of the Special European Council meeting of 17-21 July 2020” EU Commission President said: “We all know that Europe is not out of the woods yet. But Europe can see now dawn turning into light.”

“By standing united – 27 Member States backing the Commission – we raise money on the capital market to fight the worst economic crisis ever – together.”

Ursula then went on to Promote the new pushed narrative to achieve the EU superstate, this new narrative is labelled “Next Generation EU”.

Von der Leyen said: “In NextGenerationEU, we now have a unique recovery tool – worth EUR 750 billion.

750 billion to support the hardest hit.

750 billion to boost our Single Market.

750 billion to invest in the European Green Deal, in digitisation, in the modernisation of our Single Market, in resilience.”

Mr Brexit, Nigel Farage presented with ITALEXIT T-Shirt.
Italy are not happy with the way the EU treated the Italians during the coronavirus lock down.

“Of course, 27 countries agreeing something on this scale – and of this unique nature – is a challenge.

It takes courage, political will and, of course, give and take.

It was never going to be easy but anything worth having is always worth fighting for.”

Ursula then acknowledged that Brexit has caused a massive hole in their budget and its still not been fully plugged as this statement suggests: “Before we even started, this budget had a hole of around EUR 70 billion because of Brexit; with one big Member State less contributing. The good news is that we have managed to plug almost all of that gap. That means that every country has to pay more.”

With all this “Next Generation EU” plan being pushed upon the people’s of Europe, you can see why the “Italexit” has massive potential to pick up pace, especially after a recent poll from Euro news that asked “If there were a referendum in your country’s membership of the EU in the not too distant future, how would you vote?”.

The results showed a massive support for leaving the membership of the EU in Italy with only 43% of people voting to support the continuation of membership with the EU.

New party “ New No Europe For Italy party” set up to extract Italy from the EU.

Dr Marina Cino Pagliarello, of the London School of Economics told the Express: “Gianluigi Paragone founded his own party, No Europa for Italy in July after being kicked out of the Five Star Movement for opposing the party being in a government coalition with the Democratic Party, although he is still in the Italian parliament as Senator.

“He’s a former TV journalist who aligns himself with Nigel Farage’s politics.

“As a journalist he was a sort of genius at the level of political communication, by launching his party in the same day of the Recovery Fund.”

When asked about the chances of this new movement succeeding in Italexit, Dr Marina Cino Pagliarello said: “It is too soon to say what kind of political impact he might have.

“It’s too early to see him dominating but he does have support.

“The issue of monetary sovereignty, meaning leaving the euro, is the main basis for the slogan.”

“Italexit is a very remote possibility – Italexit is essentially a slogan really.

“Italians are aware that without Europe we could be completely ruined but you never know for the future.

“In Italy there is a north/south divide and there is less support for leaving the EU in the South than in Lombardy and Venetia, because of all the EU help for poorer regions.

“In opposition Lega is more opposed to Europe than when they were in government because when you are the opposing party you can say what you want.”

“Matteo Salvini is a eurosceptic – but not to the extent of wishing to take Italy out of the European Union.”

With everything that is going on a perfect storm is brewing, especially as contributions to plug the brexit gap and Trillions of euros to solidify and edge the EU into a superstate under the guise of “Next Generation EU”. Will the Citizens of the EU nations stand by while they are forced to foot the bill for more EU?

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  1. Let us sup[port our Italian friends and give the corrupt political dictatorship yet another short sharp shock with Italy leaving the membership. They will be far better off without the EU.

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