Guy Verhofstadt left fuming after Donald Trump pulls troops out of Germany, labelling them “Delinquent”

After Trump Declared that he was pulling 12,000 US troops out of Germany, the Belgian MEP, Guy Verhofstadt was fuming. On Twitter he wrote “Germany and EU continue to be bullied by Donald Trump the problem is not money are you countries combined are the second biggest military spender”

“Real problem is 27 armies and 27 budgets.

“Time for a real European defence market, strategy and army.”

This shows that Guy Verhofstadt calling for an EU army has always been the goal of the EU. This acceptance from the MEP prompted a backlash from brexiteers that for years were told by the mainstream media that they were conspiracy theorists for even thinking that the EU would have their own army.

It is clear now that the remainers were wrong to think that an EU army was just a fantasy as Nick Clegg said in the famous debate between Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage.

Nick Clegg claimed EU army was a conspiracy theory and a dangerous fantasy.

Ex Brexit Party MEP, Ben Habib slammed Guy on Twitter saying: “Guy we know you want an Empire. But you need to be realistic. No EU member state is militarily capable, not even Germany. With the exception of Greece, none meet NATO spending obligations. Europe needs the US. Wake up and smell the coffee.”

EU want an EU army.

One Brexiteer comment read: “Guy – you’re dangerous *without* an army: I shudder to think what would happen if you were in control of a few tanks and planes as well. NATO is the right body for defence, not the EU.”

Another one said: “Something the the British got promised would never happen, thank god we’re out of it.”

Nick Clegg labelled the EU army as a fantasy

2 thoughts on “Guy Verhofstadt left fuming after Donald Trump pulls troops out of Germany, labelling them “Delinquent”

  1. The trouble in the UK, we have thick idiots like Lammy, Starmer, Abbott and many other goons on Labour and the LibDems, not forgetting the idiots from north of the border who absolutely adore the EU. This just proves the point that the EU is on the verge of total federalism which will create the EU army. These idiots in the UK are very dangerous and need to be taken down before it is too late. Verhofstadt is an idiot from Belgium, why they put up with him I shall never know, he will destroy Belgium and any other country/member state that stands in his way of total federalism. The problem being, he has Merkel, von der Leyen, Macron even bell end Barnier and a few other crooks on his side. It is a very dangerous situation. Here we have the likes of that corrupt and incompetent civil servant Mark Sedwill who is all for the EU army as well. The mind really boggles as to where these people get their so-called brains from. All I can say is, thank god we will be nowhere near its creation, we will be getting on trading with the world and showing up the EU for what it is.

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