SHOCKING VIDEO REVELATIONS – Home Office state 240,000 to 320,000 people are in the UK illegally, but can’t be sure on real figures.

With the media dragging your attention onto minuscule issues, a massive breaking story hasn’t seen the light of day. I’ll leave it to your imagination on why this story never made the headlines, but as ever we will bring this to your attention and hope in doing so you will help to get this information out into the wider public arena.


On Monday the 13th of July, there was a Public Accounts Committee meeting, where questions were asked about the Home Office’s handling of illegal immigration into Britain. What was revealed was incredibly damaging, showing massive failures in the nations security and current immigration system which needs to be put right, as currently there isn’t a secure and accurate mechanism in place showing the current numbers here in Britain illegally.

Mr Peter Grant, who is a serving SNP MP, did a fantastic job in grilling Shona Dunn, who is the second permanent Secretary in the Home Office on illegal immigration into Britain.

Mr Peter Grant started his questioning by asking Shona a defined question. Mr Grant asked: “How many people are currently in the United Kingdom illegally?”

Shona responded: “Right now we can’t estimate that population effectively, it is frustrating, it’s frustrating for all of us“. Shona went on to say: “This is a very difficult number to try and arrive at.”

“in the report, immigration enforcement has worked on an approach to try and define the level of demand in various respects on their system, and they’ve identified that figure I believe to be between 240,000 and 320,000″ who are in Britain illegally.”

Illegal migrants crossing the channel into Britain
Priti Patel promises a better immigration system to be in place after transition period.

Shona quickly covered herself as she made it clear that the figure wasn’t an “estimate in any way” for how many people may be in the country illegally, confirming the home office will “continue to talk to others on whether it’s possible to get to a figure that we could rely on”.

Shona then reaffirmed that “it’s a very difficult number to come to” with any “security” on the figures being accurate.

No system currently in place showing true amount of illegal migrants in Britain.

To think, that a developed country like Britain hasn’t got a system in place to show the actual amount of illegal immigrants currently in Britain, is a massive failure for this government, and previous governments.

Questions need to be asked, why hasn’t our governments present or past, not pushed for a secure system to be in place.

Another question is, how has this missing data affected our security services domestically in keeping this country secure from terrorists, who have come here illegally.

Above is a video showing the full questioning in regards to the numbers of illegal immigrants in Britain.

3 thoughts on “SHOCKING VIDEO REVELATIONS – Home Office state 240,000 to 320,000 people are in the UK illegally, but can’t be sure on real figures.

  1. Seeing that this is probably only the tip of the iceberg, the figures are totally disgraceful and the civil servants in the home office that are responsible including the Permanent Secretary and all the underlings should be dismissed with immediate effect. This is nothing more that 100% professional incompetence, too many people sitting on their fat backsides doing absolutely nothing.all day everyday. This is not only in the Home Office, it is in every government department. In relation to the Home Office alone, Patel has now really got to get her act together and dismiss all of those responsible from the most senior corrupt and incompetent to the lowest. Then she has got to order the Immigration Officers to get off their backsides and pick up all illegals and immediately deport them. As for Border Force, they have got o get a real kicking and the top dogs at Dover must be dismissed for allowing all these illegals into the UK. Instead of the patrol vessels being tied up alongside, they should be out patrolling the channel, any illegals that are near to our waters must be nudged and turned around so they go back to France, with or without the Frogs that have escorted them cooperation. Enough is enough and the government have now got to deal with it and the corrupt and incompetents pay with their jobs.

  2. Try entering the USA without photograph, fingerprints, declaration of where and how long you intend to stay, 6 months max then you are liable to deportation. when you leave your exit is documented. Now then arrive a Heathrow, no record whatsoever, forget the beach arrivals. In fact its cheaper and safer to hop on Ryan Air in Greece, tell border control that its just a holiday, then hop on a bus down to Dover, I just arrived in me dingy…..

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