VIDEO – Truth uncovered – We investigate Sky News claims after claiming protesters in Portland US are peaceful.

Last night on Sky News, a correspondent was reporting on the violent clashes between law enforcement, and what Sky news labels, peaceful protestors, in Portland USA.

Sally Lockwood starts her report, showing the destructive scenes from rioters and anarchists who were trying to actively teardown a fence that had been erected to protect the federal courthouse.

Sally claims these scenes play into Donald Trumps narrative that Portland is under siege.

The problem with this style of reporting is that these scenes are not being played out because of a narrative set up by Donald Trump, they are playing out because these professional anarchists and rioters, who admitted their aims were to teardown the city piece by piece, unless law enforcement was disbanded.

The Sky news reporter doesn’t mention this, instead sally labels these violent rioters as peaceful protesters, yet these protesters are armed with helmets, gas masks and sticks.

Sally then goes to the place where these violent rioters have been camping out for several weeks.

In the camp, sally try’s to paint these rioters as innocent victims who want nothing more than to peacefully protest.

Again so called peaceful protesters destroying monument.
So called peaceful protesters

If you look closely, and beyond the fake news propaganda being churned out by this paid for actor, you’ll find the destruction of property, and monuments all around. Walls are covered by graffiti, and chards showing remains of fires that were set alight only moments before.  Sally Lockwood then try’s to change the focus from violence and destruction, to ladies who claim they are there protesting as mothers.

What sky news won’t tell you is that these mothers all have criminal records, and are not mothers. These women are told to say this, to gain cover for their action as they join in with the destruction in Portland.

So called mother protester helps to pull down federal court fencing.

As you can see here, this lady in yellow is a so called mother, who’s aims are not to protest, but to destroy a federal building and to participate in acts of violence with the raging mob, whilst playing informs of the cameras claiming they’re innocent mothers, peacefully protesting.

What the media are portraying as truth, is nothing more than narrative driven to push a hatred towards Trump in hopes their agenda ousts him in the upcoming US elections.

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