VIDEO – UNBELIEVABLE SCENES – Anarchists go to the streets in Portland, it’s like a WAR ZONE.

This morning Sky News reported on what was happening in Portland, in the US. Sky News claimed the scene was of people protesting; this was claimed by the news presenter on the ground while fireworks, and other explosives where being thrown at police outside the federal courthouse.

These scenes are not scenes of peaceful protest; these are scenes of rioters causing terror and anarchy on the streets of Portland. This unrest has been going on for many months; the anarchist aims are to Defund the police, these anarchists have also been told to do their best in provoking a heightened atmosphere to try and temped federal officers into using live rounds at protesters.

This will not happen, as Trump knows false flags could be activated if live rounds were brought to the scene. Trump knows that these people want him out of office hence why he refuses to arm his federal officers with guns and live rounds, instead, he’s using tear gas, batons, shields, rubber bullets and tasers.

Federal officers being sued over trying to regain the streets in Portland after their Mayor states they don’t need them there.
Anarchists being pushed back. These Anarchists are well funded and well organised, not innocent protestors that the media like to portray them as.

Patriots fly the US flag fighting back against those who want an end to America.

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