VIDEO – EU in a Panic after Nigel Farage holds up an ‘ITALEXIT’ T-Shirt. Is Italy next to leave the EU?

When Brussels saw this Photo of Nigel Farage holding up an ‘ITALEXIT’ T-Shirt, it was reported that it sent panic around the EU.

The big question is this. Is it any wonder why the Italians might want to leave the EU?. Just look at how the EU abandoned Italy in their darkest hour during the COVID 19 pandemic. The EU cut every avenue for help. Even when Italy was pleading for help the EU still said NO!.


It was only when the EU saw Cuba, Russia and China stepping in did the EU finally apologise over their handling of the Pandemic.  

Nigel Farage: Italexit is coming
EU refused to help Italy in their hour of need.
Italian PM very angry that the EU never helped in hour of need.

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