Michel Barnier demands Boris to respect EU principles and interests.

The 7th round of EU /UK negotiation talks finished today in London, with both sides releasing a statement and the EU holding a televised press conference in London.

The talks ended without any movement on the fundamental areas in question. With this Michel Barnier Looked angry and very frustrated that things weren’t going their way. Mr Barnier then went to the world’s press, claiming that the EU is the only side to be fully engaged in these talks.

Michel Barnier said:” over the past few weeks, the UK has not shown the same level of engagement and readiness to find solutions respecting the EU’s fundamental principles and interests.”
Michel Barnier talks about respecting the fundamental principles and interests of the EU. At the same time, he demands the UK to be subservient on Fisheries, Quotas and Britain becoming uncompetitive by signing up to his “Level playing field” mechanism.

The “Level playing field” mechanism has been designed to cap the UK from being a real global competitor. This is because it will expose the EU’s vulnerable areas on competition and state aid rules.

In the eyes of the EU, if the UK were to leave without a deal, without signing up to the “Level playing field” mechanism first, the UK would be able to offer businesses better terms for doing business in the UK. This would mean companies could flood from the EU to the UK as the EU fully understands their own rules and regulations only benefit the multinational corporations and not medium to small businesses.

Michel barnier isn’t happy
Michel Barnier looking very annoyed at press conference
On fisheries, Michel Barnier state’s: “The UK is effectively asking for a near-total exclusion of EU fishing vessels from UK waters. That is simply unacceptable.”
Effectively, Michel Barnier is against the UK having full control over their sovereign waters. This is because the UK waters are fish-rich, and the EU knows that.

Michel goes on to say: “stocks need to be managed jointly – according to international law and the principle of responsible and sustainable management of resources.”

David Frost hold the lines in brexit talks.

Michel Barnier is looking to sign the UK up to a “Level playing field” to ensure the EU can grab power and control UK waters with the ECJ being the overseer of any future disputes. Not only that, but Barnier also wants control over workers rights, state aid rules and the environment. Again Michel wants this to happen because he knows that the UK could outperform the EU on every sector, making the UK a far more attractive place to do business.

In David Frosts statement he asks a very good question: “We have always been clear that our principles in these areas are not simple negotiating positions but expressions of the reality that we will be a fully independent country at the end of the transition period.
 “That is why we continue to look for a deal with, at its core, a free trade agreement similar to the one the EU already has with Canada – that is, an agreement based on existing precedents.  We remain unclear why this is so difficult for the EU, but we will continue to negotiate with this in mind”.

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The question is a valid one to ask. Why are the EU reluctant to offer a real free trade deal, one without ties to the EU. The answer remains very simple. ‘Power’. The EU wants a hand in the direction of where the UK goes next, not only that, If Britain went beyond what the EU deemed appropriate, the EU would make a dispute with the ECJ to come down hard on Britain. That’s why they are holding on to the “level playing field” as it’s the EU’s insurance policy.

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