VIDEO – Reports suggest over 200 illegal migrants have come across the English Channel to Britain in just 2 days.

Reports that have come into us suggest that the combined total of illegal migrants that have crossed the English Channel in just 2 days has been over 200. That those who we know about . 

A reported 16 boats of various sizes was brought into Dover yesterday with a combined total of around 190 illegal migrants. The boats were coming in all day yesterday. 

Our man on the ground, Chris Johnson said: “Be around 16 boats today at Dover as reported earlier, their was reports of boats further down the coast that could take tally higher.”

“Looking at the Dover boats I would say 180-210 but fair few kids so have to wait and see. It’s still ongoing one more boat or possibly a kayaker to come in”

Reports suggest that more have come across the English Channel today and escorted to Britain by the Border Force. A reported 20 or more migrants have been brought to Dover in quite a large boat. 

16 migrant boats from those who come across the English Channel yesterday
More than 20 migrants being brought ashore today 22/07/2020
Illegal migrants taken to be processed with coaches waiting.

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