LATEST VIDEO – DUP MP Sammy Wilson slams the BBC – “my constituents are fed up with the begging bowl behavior of the BBC.

Recently the voice for defunding and decriminalising the BBC license fee has grown massively in recent years. Sammy Wilson who is a DUP MP went on the attack in Parliament yesterday saying many in his constituency are fed up of the bias being pumped out daily by the BBC, and mega contracts being given out at the expense of the taxpayer, which some are being penalised for not being able to afford the fee.

Sammy said: “I understand that many of my constituents are fed up with the begging bowl behaviour of the BBC, who seem to think that their pocket has no bottom to it, and who are increasingly frustrated at the Political bias and the reckless spending of this organisation with its 1 million pound contracts for presenters, and the fact that they pay over a hundred directors more than the prime minister.”

Sammy went on to suggest that the government should look at decriminalising the BBC fee to help those who can’t afford the cost, which technically is an extra compulsory tax.

Sammy continues: Can the government ensure “that no pensioner” will be prosecuted If they cannot afford to pay the TV licence fee.
Mr John Whittingdale MP, Minister of State (Maldon, Conservative) returned, saying: “it was of course, as a result of the most recent charter renewal that we now know how many people in the BBC are paid over 150,000 pounds per year. “
BBC has been blatantly bias through out the Brexit process.
Sammy Wilson is a strong Brexiteer who loves our wonderful country
Campaign poster to defund and decriminalise the BBC license fee.

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