Britain left the EU in the “nick of time”. EU superstate integration has been supercharged by the new £1.8 Trillion EU budget.

With the heads of the EU nations agreeing on a final sum of money, just shy of €2 trillion for the seven-year budget, as well as the coronavirus recovery plan. Many politicians say in Britain that Britain had a lucky escape.

Macron was first out of the blocs, hailing this agreement as to the most significant jump into furthering the integration of Europe since the creation of the Euro. Macron said: “Since the euro, we have not seen such progress.”

The deal was decided in a typical EU central way, including no say or vote for the people of Europe. Instead, the shifty deal was done all behind closed doors as is the precedent with how EU conducts itself.

This deal ties many EU nations into having to pay for a massive increase in contributions to the EU. The Dutch PM was apparent that he didn’t like the way the money from the more prosperous nations in the north would be given to the south to bail them out.

Macron attacked the Dutch PM labelling him as having an obstructionist stance to furthering EU integration. That soon backfired on Macron as the Dutch PM secured a budget rebate as a sweetener to get him onboard.

Germany’s dream of an EU Superstate is finally becoming a reality.
Macron, who is Pro Superstate smiles at the progress of further European integration.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said: “It was not easy that we needed so many days, it showed that we also came from different directions.”
European Council President Charles Michel said: “These were, of course, challenging negotiations in very difficult times for all Europeans.
“We have demonstrated that the magic of the European project works.”

In Britain, the Conservative MPs watched what went on saying that Britain had broken away just in the “nick of time”.

Solid Brexiteer Sir Bill Cash said: “It’s enormous. They’ve been wanting to do this for decades because it’s only by having tax revenues they can turn the EU into a political union.

EU politicians in the commission want an EU superstate named the United States of Europe.

“They’ve seized the opportunity of this coronavirus fund to move the integration process forward very significantly.

“Underneath this whole fund, there are very serious implications for the people of Europe in what is an undemocratic forum.”

Former Brexit minister David Jones said: “Had we still been a member; we’d end up taking the second-largest share of bailing our countries right across the continent.

“Fortunately we’re not, and I think in hindsight more or less everybody, whether they voted to leave or not, will realise Britain has had a lucky escape on this occasion.

“This is another step towards an increase in powers for the European Commission and a reduction in power for the national government.

“It’s a further step along the road to the creation of a country called Europe.”

What is stark to see in these negotiations is the way the EU advance on with deeper integration towards an EU superstate regardless of what the masses in the EU nation-states think. This will end up ending badly for the EU, people will rise, and they will also want their country out of this corrupt political union which is run for the rich by the rich even if that’s at the detriment of the people of the EU nations.

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