BORIS REFUSES TO BACK DOWN – The EU 27 continue to flog their “Level playing field” policy in hopes the UK caves in as negotiation deadline approaches.

Number 10 has always said that the UK will be supportive, cooperative and “engage constructively” in talks with the EU in these negotiations, during the transition period, with the deadline fast approaching.

During the last few negotiation rounds, the talks have broken away fruitless due to the “significant” differences between the two sides. Both, British negotiator, David Frost and EU negotiator, Michel Barnier met over dinner in London last night to discuss the differences between the two parties and see if there could be a push for a deal before the year-end.

Even though this discussion took place between the two negotiators, Downing Street made it clear that it would never give away the aim of becoming an independent state. “In terms of the discussions that we have been having throughout the intensified process, they have continued to be constructive, but significant differences still remain on a number of important issues.”

Clear divides remain in these negotiations in many areas even though the two sides have constructively tried to build an agreement, upon till now nothing has worked and the division between the two parties is still vast.

Difficult discussions could mean a further standoff between the two sides in the next round of talks. Britain wants the EU to change its stance on fishing rights after the EU had pushed for continued access into UK fishing waters, post-transition deadline, which the UK see as a breach of sovereignty.

Boris pointing out that the U.K. will not give into the EU demands
Mr Michel BARNIER, Brexit EU Chief Negotiator. Copyright: European Union Event: Special meeting of the European Council (Art. 50)
Barnier extremely frustrated that talks are not going his way.

Britain is also against the EU’s dead in the water “Level Playing Field” demand. Again, if Britain signed up to the “Level playing field”, Britain would not be able to do competitive trade deals with third nations due to the UK having to be signed up to continued EU rules.

Even though the UK has made it continuously clear to the EU that these demands will never be accepted, the EU 27 continue to hold out and push these demands in the hopes the UK caves in on its red lines.
Dominic Cummings smiling as he fully supports the U.K. negotiation team, refusing to back down to EU demands.

A Downing Street spokesman man said: “Our position on our sovereignty, laws and fisheries is clear; we will not give up our rights as an independent state,”

“We will continue to engage constructively with the EU on these key issues and will work hard to reach the broad outline of an agreement, but as we have been clear all along we are not asking for a special, bespoke or unique deal.”
“We have said that we don’t want talks to drag on into the autumn.”

Even though the UK left the EU last January, due to Theresa May’s botched negotiations, the UK had to remain in a transition period for a year. This is to see if a deal could be made between the two sides.

During the transition period, we are still bound by EU rules and laws, but without representation in the EU itself.
Boris Johnson has continuously stated that we would leave this transition period as a truly independent nation. If the stumbling block around the Level playing field and fisheries were not rethought out by the EU, the UK would walk from negotiations.

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