EU’s hopes for a Brexit in name only deal, dashed, as Cummings holds ground on negotiation redlines.

It’s been reported that the chief adviser to the Prime Minister, Dominic Cummings, has been making sure the UK negotiators stick to their redlines without compromise in these EU – UK negotiations.

According to EU diplomats, this stance from the Chief adviser and Oliver Lewis, who’s the UK’s deputy negotiator has been a significant sticking point in the current trade negotiations.

The EU was expecting the UK to adhere to the non-binding political agreement which was designed and constructed by the previous administration under Theresa May.

It seems the EU’s hopes of tying the UK to a ‘Brexit in name only’ deal has been dashed, forcing the EU to reconsider their unfair demands in the current negotiations.

This stance has only come from the top of Government who’s current aims are to deliver, what is believed to be a “Pristine” No Deal exit from the EU.

Oliver Lewis, who’s the UK’s deputy negotiator and also a close ally of Mr Cummings, was emphasized by Brussels as a crucial obstacle in the discussions.

The EU negotiators have also accused Mr Lewis of trying to prevent progress whenever it appeared there might be a breakthrough in talks.

So far the talks have been fruitless with significant differences from the two sides.

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