VIDEO – MORE EU! – EU Chief Von de Leyen pushes new concept “Next Generation EU”.

As the EU leaders meet to thrash out how the Coronavirus rescue funds are spent and how they are distributed, it’s clear that an underlying overhaul of the EU is trying to be kick-started along with bailing out worst hit countries due to the coronavirus.
A new term that is being pushed to EU member state citizens, by the EU chief Von der Leyen, the term being used is “Next generation EU”. In essence, this is the continuation of the old rhetoric “More EU”, it seems to be a last-ditch effort to rebrand in hopes of saving the failing political project.
The only way to get the funds for this is by linking it to the coronavirus emergency funds. Though the EU push this new “Next generation EU” idea/narrative, it will be the hard-hit EU taxpayer that will fund their continued dream of a one EU superstate.
EU Chief Commission President, Ursula Von der Leyen said: “We are at the beginning of the summit now and the stakes couldn’t be higher if we do it right, we can overcome this crisis stronger and emerge stronger from the crisis.”
“All the necessary pieces are on the table, and a solution is possible and the solution that is what our people in Europe expect from us because it’s their jobs that are at stake. And the risk of the virus still persists.”
“The whole world is watching us whether Europe is able to stand up United and to overcome this coronavirus related crisis strongly with convincing European budget with ‘Next Generation EU’. We have the chance not only to overcome the crisis but also to modernize our single market and our Union, to bring forward the European green deal and the digitalization and therefore this day, too. Today is of utmost importance.”

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