Shamima Begum Family Lawyer said that if Britain refuses to bring back the IS bride, then it equates to “foisting the problem on innocent people”.

Today on TalkRADIO, Shamima Begum’s family lawyer said that refusing to bring the 20-year-old back to the UK equates to “foisting the problem on innocent people”. Speaking to Ian Collins, Tasnime Akunjee said: “The Kurds in the region of Syria have less nexus with Shamima Begum, who is a British citizen, and they’re the ones that have spent blood and treasure on fighting ISIS and died fighting ISIS. “And yet we are dumping our problem on them and the last people that are able to and should be dealing with our problems are the people that we’ve used as allies and discarded after we don’t have any use for them.

Speaking with talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer, the Defence Select Committee chairman said: “This idea that somehow we can wash our hands and even make people stateless is simply wrong.

“This person was radicalised here in the UK so we need to recognise the wider picture that if we are going to defeat terrorism, if we are going to step up and defend our values and our rights and support Iraq and Syria, we need to complete the job, because these people are regrouping as we speak.”

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