EU leaders are world apart over how a Trillion Euro will be spent.

A crucial Summit on Friday will see the EU try to reach a deal on the 750 billion Euro COVID-19 recovery plan. The 27 member states are divided over how the money will be spent and how it will be given out. The bloc wants to know whether it will be given out as loans or grants; this comes ahead of the meeting of leaders as they trying to negotiate and iron out some crucial differences. The meeting between EU leaders exposes the deep divisions on the handling of the recovery money, showing that member countries are still Worlds Apart on the coronavirus recovery agreement. The German Chancellor met with Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte ahead of the EU summit which is to be held on Friday, the positions of the member states remain apart. Merkel is said to be doing her best to urge her counterparts to consider the bigger picture. Merkel said: “The task is huge, And therefore the answer must be big and you cannot commit yourself to every detail in advance, but it must be a special effort that makes it clear that Europe wants to stick together in this difficult hour. This has a political Dimension beyond the figures. This position by Merkel has been echoed by Italian Premier Conte whose country has been the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Responsibility. Mr Conte said: “This is the time for responsibility. This is the time for solidarity. We must keep the political ambition big; we must not divide our nationalistic Visions because Europe must offer solutions to a citizen’s not Illusions and fears.” While Italy and Germany are singing from the same hymn sheet, the Dutch prime minister, part of the so-called Frugal four countries, oppose the current trillion Euro recovery plan as it entails shared debt for the first time and unanimity is required for the plan to get off the ground.

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